Our services

Argentum Systems Ltd. specialise in providing technical expertise and assistance in the embedded electronics and IoT space. We support all aspects of the solution, including electronics design, firmware and cloud services.

We understand that a well-defined scope of work is often difficult to put together, and for this reason, we generally work on a Time & Materials basis. When the work can be clearly identified, we are happy to produce and work to a hybrid or fixed-price quote, and can even offer requirements capture services to help you formalise what needs to be done.

Electronics Design & Review

We can help bring your product to market - from an initial concept, through prototype, design review and into production.

Linux Kernel & User-Space

Our extensive experience with the Linux kernel makes us well suited to bringing life to new platforms, writing drivers, and developing user-space applications.

Zephyr, RTOS & Bare Metal

Smaller devices will often run small real-time kernels, or none at all! We frequently work with platforms operating within tight specifications.

Debugging - Hardware & Software

Embedded systems can experience some very challenging problems. We have the skills and tools required to work on complex issues that span both the hardware and software domains.


Internet-connected devices and services must be designed with security in mind from the outset. We can help design and review both your product and overall system architecture from a security point of view.

System Architecture

If you're designing a new system and would like advice or guidance on how best to bring the various components together, we can support you with architecture design, review and requirements capture.


We are often able to offer last-minute support for customers who find themselves in a difficult situation. Alternatively, if you don't have certain skills available in your team, we can offer support and advice on a flexible basis to suit you.

Distribution & Maintenance

Making a product maintainable can be a challenge... We work with build systems such as Yocto and Buildroot to provide a highly customized, but still maintainable system image.